Sustainability, Health and Safety

We are a leader in our sector on voluntary climate action. We recognise the important role of clean, reliable and affordable energy in support of society's decarbonisation journey.

We strive to create a safe and healthy workplace free of injuries.

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A safe and healthy place to work

We implement robust health and safety procedures and follow them every day to demonstrate strong operational discipline.

Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification

Cooper Energy has taken a proactive stance since 2020 to voluntarily offset its scope 1 (direct), scope 2 (purchased electricity) and relevant scope 3 emissions (e.g. embedded energy and business travel), with a blend of Australian and international carbon credits.
The Company’s organisational carbon neutral status is certified by Climate Active, an initiative of the Australian Federal Government.

Sustainability projects

Our sustainability projects are helping to restore degraded land in South Australia and support reforestation and build capacity in Vietnam.

We are in, of, and about our communities

You’ll find us in Perth, Adelaide, regional Victoria and South Australia. We live in and support our local communities.

2020 South Australian Premier’s Award for Environment

A celebration of Cooper Energy becoming Australia’s first carbon neutral domestic gas company and recognition of the partnerships that helped us to get there.