Climate Active carbon neutral certification

As well as delivering energy to Australian markets, we aim to do our part to protect the climate for future generations.

Cooper Energy has achieved Climate Active certified carbon neutral status by reducing emissions where practicable, and purchasing and surrendering eligible carbon credits to compensate for residual scope 1, scope 2 and relevant scope 3 emissions.

Our climate action policy

We recognise the importance of renewables and the key role gas can play to complement and support the deployment of these technologies.

We voluntarily:

  • invest in offset projects
  • screen future sustainable energy projects
  • identify and, where practicable, implement opportunities for greenhouse gas emission
    reduction within our operations and through our supply chain
  • factor carbon pricing into business decisions and commercial models
  • identify, manage and mitigate material climate change risks to our activities
  • align our climate change related disclosures with the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures principles
  • align with our customers’ sustainability and emissions reduction initiatives to help reduce downstream scope-3 emissions
  • work with governments and stakeholders on climate change regulation and policies.

What is Climate Active

Climate Active is Australia's collective initiative for climate action. Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action.

Climate Active Certification

Climate Active certification is awarded to businesses that have achieved a state of carbon neutrality. Cooper Energy's public disclosure statements are available here on Climate Active's website.

Scope-1, scope-2, and scope-3 emissions explained

Scope-1 emissions are direct emissions from company owned and controlled resources. In other words, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are released into the atmosphere as a direct result of a set of activities, at a company level. For Cooper Energy, fuel use for gas processing and compression and during offshore and onshore campaigns are the primary sources of scope-1 emissions. Scope-1 emissions are fully offset as part of Cooper Energy’s Climate Active carbon neutral certification.

Scope-2 emissions are indirect emissions released as a result of the generation of purchased energy from a utility provider. In other words, all GHG emissions released into the atmosphere, from the consumption of purchased electricity, steam, heat and cooling. For Cooper Energy purchased electricity is the primary source of scope-2 emissions. Scope-2 emissions are fully offset as part of Cooper Energy’s Climate Active carbon neutral certification.

Scope-3 emissions are all indirect emissions - not included in scope-2 - that occur in the supply chain. In other words, emissions that are linked to the Company’s operations and products. The GHG Protocol splits scope-3 emissions into 15 categories. Broadly, Cooper Energy defines categories 1-8 as controllable scope-3 emissions and categories 9-15 as non-controlled.

Controllable scope-3 emissions (such as those arising from business travel and capital goods such as concrete, plant and infrastructure) are included within the Company’s organisational boundary and are fully offset as part of Cooper Energy’s Climate Active carbon neutral certification. By fully offsetting all scope-1, scope-2 and controllable scope-3 emissions, when gas leaves Cooper Energy’s organisational boundary, all emissions upstream of that point have been offset.

Non-controlled scope-3 emissions are downstream of the Company’s organisational boundary and outside the direct control of Cooper Energy. The largest contributors to non-controlled scope-3 emissions arise from the final combustion of our gas by customers (e.g., to generate electricity, or for heating, or cooking) and downstream fugitive emissions from pipelines owned and operated by others. This generally represents our customers' scope-1 emissions and is not offset as part of our Climate Active carbon neutral certification.