Project 1- Coorong biodiversity partnership

Cooper Energy has achieved Climate Active certified carbon neutral status by reducing emissions where practicable, and purchasing and surrendering eligible carbon credits to compensate for residual scope 1, scope 2 and relevant scope 3 emissions.

Through a partnership with Greening Australia's Canopy Nature Based Solutions, we invest in Australian Carbon Credit Units generated by the Coorong biodiversity project in South-east South Australia.

This project restores native vegetation on land that was previously covered by introduced pasture grasses. Greening Australia's Canopy Nature Based Solutions is restoring over 600 hectares of native vegetation and wildlife habitat, including large areas of subcoastal wetland, Mallee and woodland on the shores of the Coorong National Park.

As well as sequestering thousands of tonnes of CO2, the project restores habitats for a wide range of fauna, including several threatened species.

Progress is good – monitoring is revealing that the habitat is recovering and species are returning to use the site. The aim is to get numbers as close as possible to those in the nearby conservation park and return the land to native bush indistinguishable from 100-year-old bushland.

Project 2- Enabling nature-based carbon projects in Vietnam

We are a partner in a project that pilots reforestation, builds local capacity and explores wider carbon project initiatives in Vietnam.

The partners in the project will develop a pilot 700-hectare reforestation carbon project. The partnership will take the pilot project from the concept stage, through government approval processes, to a project registered under global voluntary standards and ready for implementation. The process and learnings of the pilot project will be documented, and a toolkit and other resources developed and made widely available to enable future nature-based carbon projects.

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